VTJ Virtual Teacher Job Fair is an online seminar, serving the purpose of connecting leading employers in Vietnam with potential teachers at home and abroad.

  • Meet and get all questions answered by the employer
  • Direct selection and evaluation of reputable educational institutions
  • Intuitive and easy comparison among employers
  • Reach out to a large number of potential candidates with bright profiles
  • Show off your school’s outstanding strengths and values
  • Increase brand awareness and increase competitiveness against competitors in the same industry.

Why attend Virtual Teacher Job Fair 2023 ?

In this 4th online event with the largest scale in the country, the elite English trainers from inside and outside of Vietnam will be able to exchange ideas with employers and apply directly to their favorite jobs. In addition, this is an opportunity for educational institutions to showcase their competitiveness and professionalism in the presentations, in order to attract the most outstanding talents to their schools.