Criteria to accept an offer over another

Deciding which offer to take is not simple because it is related to your goals and career development choices. You’ve had 2 good opportunities, and you feel hesitant about which side to choose so that you won’t regret it later. Then, VTJ would like to suggest to you some criteria to decide which workplace would be the best choice for you.


Long-term goals


Everyone has a certain goal in the future. When choosing a job, choosing a place to work, you must consider what the job there will bring you, hone skills and experience. The job you choose may not be in line with your major, but if you feel it is suitable for your future goals, you should consider it.


Market demand for this job

When a position is highly sought after in many places (like English teachers, especially IELTS), having experience in that area will make you stand out. If you are a recent graduate and have not yet oriented your future direction, acknowledging social needs will help you shape what you should and shouldn’t do. 


Salary and benefits


Salary is one of the criteria for choosing a suitable workplace. It plays a very important role for you to come to your decision. When deciding which job to choose, you should not only be based on salary but should be based on the total income that you receive in cash.


Maybe one company will not pay as high as the other, but what if they have other better benefits in return? Or you can choose to work at a company that doesn’t have a very ideal environment, but you have more free time to be able to increase your income from different sources and use your free time to practice. other skills. This is also one of the benefits that you should consider carefully.


Work environment


A company with a good working environment will give you higher development opportunities, and at the same time, your spirit in the working process will also be comfortable and work efficiency will be higher. Let’s look at the two options, which is the company that you think has a good working environment where you can work to the fullest. Because, if you are interested in working, you will stick with the company for a long time.


Above are some criteria to choose the right workplace that VTJ suggests for you. Even if you still can’t make up your mind about which option is more appropriate, just calm down, sit back. For each criterion, list the advantages and disadvantages that the two companies can bring to you. This way it will be easy for you to see which side will bring more advantages to you. After aggregating the sub-criteria of each criterion, you get your results.