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What are the regulations regarding covid vaccination?

According to the latest dispatch of the Ministry of Health dated March 15, 2022, foreigners entering the country do not need to go through isolation procedures. Moreover, the Prime Minister has just issued the latest directive on this issue. Accordingly, from May 15, 2022, the requirement to be tested for SARS-CoV-2 virus before entering Vietnam is suspended.

This means that foreigners entering the country will not need to:

  • Test for Covid-19
  • Do isolation procedures
  • Have a vaccine certificate

However, currently English schools & centers still require vaccinated teachers to teach.

Is it necessary to process the documents while you are still applying?

Yes. Legalized documents are must- have for working in Vietnam. Whatever employers you are working with, you will need the legalized paperwork. And as soon as you have the legalized documents, you have a higher chance to get the job offer

What's the maximum age for hiring teachers?

Usually 23-50 years old. Many places consider older teachers if they have a good qualification & experience.

Is it possible for Employers to Help job seekers from outside the country with relocating from their country and the Employers can deduct that amount from their salary once settled?

This is decided based on the employer’s policy. Currently most teachers will have to handle the visa cost and flight ticket free before coming to Vietnam.

In case the teacher meets an employer’s requirements & and is considered as a qualified employee, the employer can consider refunding a half or full amount of fee for visa after the teacher’s 1-year contract.

How much is the chance for non native speakers to get a job in your country?

80-100%. We currently support many non-native teachers with a good accent & qualification.

How to apply/ teach in Vietnam while in another country?

EPIV program from our organization: Vietnam Teaching Jobs supports outside Vietnam to work with reliable employers & guide the legal paperwork . Contact this email: if you have any questions.

Can anyone who has any degree be a Teacher? And if yes, why only Degree certificate holders and not undergraduates like Diploma and Certificate holders qualified for teaching?

According to the Vietnam laws, these documents are the must-have for making a work permit. (Without the bachelor degree, you must have 5 years teaching experience with a recommendation letter)

A 4- year- university degree( of any fields) or an education degree is required by Vietnamese international/ public schools

I would like to inquire whether there are online jobs available for international schools.

Currently, we don’t have many options online. Please go to our site to see other options that you might be interested in.

Can I have a medical check-up outside of Vietnam and notarize it?

Yes, it must be notarized & legalized. You can also do it in Vietnam, and in this case you don’t need to have it notarized and legalized. The fee is not much ( just around 300,000 VND-500.000 VND)

Are there positions available for staff managers?

Yes, we still have these positions in our site: Besides, you can consider positions that are available for applying at our job fair