Top 6 best FREE CV-building websites

Top 6 best FREE CV-building websites

CV, also known as Curriculum Vitae, is a composite profile of a candidate’s experience and qualifications+skills that anyone applying for a job needs. If you are looking for a place to customize a beautiful, eye-catching CV for yourself, don’t miss the following top 5 best CV-building websites below!

There are many online CV building software, or web on the Internet right now, but the CV designing tools listed below by VTJ must meet the two essential elements: FREE and DIVERSE in options. In addition, these websites have a user-friendly design, even those who do not know much about the software can still use it competently. If you are looking for such websites: an online CV editing tool but must be completely free and have basic features for you to express your creativity then the list below is all you need:


  1. Vn.Joboko.Com

Short CV creation time, simple and easy-to-see toolbar design are the highlights of Joboko (formerly GoodCV). Joboko also offers many designing options to help candidates create the most complete CV. When you log in by creating an account to make your CV, the information and CV templates that you have created will be stored in that account, meaning you can edit as needed without creating a new blank one.

Main features of Joboko:

– Lots of beautiful templates.

– Quick CV creation time.

– Customizations to make your CV more professional.

– Storing created CVs under personal accounts.

– Downloading CV for free.

  1. DesignBold

DesignBold is a website used to design CVs, logos, posters; it provides users with a library with more than 60 million designs and images for those who are studying, working and researching in the field of graphic design. This website promises to bring about a revolution in photo editing like the influence of Photoshop software back in the days. And the appearance of this unique website is a great help for many users who do not have the level and ability to use Photoshop, which is only for professionals.

Main features of DesignBold:

– Simple but modern graphic design website.

– Many effective photo editing features.

– More than 60 million designs and images.

– High-quality images.

– Saving and sharing works online.


  1. Canva

Canva is an extremely useful website for designing CVs, logos, flyers or Facebook cover photos… The use of photo editing tools for beginners like Canva is becoming a trend because the work’s quality made by these sites is as beautiful as those created by professional applications. And if you are in need of an online CV creation tool or need to design professional posters, using Canva to design your CV is the solution you are looking for.

Canva has 2 free and paid online CV design modes, but just the free mode is more than enough for you to be able to create the best CV that is completely free.

  1. CVmaker

CVmaker is a CV design website that has millions of templates used by many people. CVmaker helps you create simple designs and Resume templates that best suit your interests. Even if you don’t know design, you can use CVmaker without any worries.
If you don’t want to design, you can take advantage of the available templates and create a unique CV template of your own.
  1. Smartcv

Smartcv is a CV design web service that allows you to create your online resume within 3 minutes with unique pre-made templates. There are hundreds of thousands of templates available in Smartcv that will surely be enough to satisfy people’s needs of creating their own CVs online.
In addition, online pre-made CVs are divided into many different categories and industries so that you can also perform advanced reaching to find the exact style of CV that you wish to make.
  1. Visual CV

Design a professional CV with Visual CV, why not? Using Visual CV allows you to make the strongest impression on employers in the application round. With thousands of different Resume templates and currently the number of users has reached 3 million people, Visual CV is also the right place to find the best English CVs.
Above are the top 5 best free CV design websites today. Using one of the above tools will definitely help you own the best designs and make a strong impression on employers right from the start.

What should I pay attention to when applying with an online CV template?

Whether applying in person or online, there are certain precautions that need to be taken to avoid unnecessary mistakes and maximum support for quick job search. When applying with an online CV template, you need to pay attention to:
– Most CV creation tools allow you to find jobs right on the site and apply online quickly and conveniently.
– Turn on the status of looking for a job so that potential employers can see your CV online and approach (if appropriate).
– When you create an account on a CV designer page, you can save all previous versions of your CV. Therefore, if submitting online, be careful to avoid sending the wrong version, it is best to save your CV name with professional but distinguishable titles.
– Save to your computer for easy sending in case of applying via email…
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